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Professional paving is done right and to the letter with Pavers Orlando! We’re the best pavers Orlando FL has to offer and we are proud of it! Here at Pavers Orlando, we do it all and to our clients’ specifications without fail or question!

Walkway Paving

Walkway pavings are simple, beautiful and easy to install. Easily one of the most versatile paving options available, we do quicker and more affordable than any other option. 


Deck & Patio paving

From beautiful outdoor patios to incredible poolside decks, we do it all. The experienced Patio pavers Orlando has never had a better collection of hands for all paving jobs!


pool paving

Breath new life into your old and fading pool with a poolside paving job done by Orlando brick pavers experts. 


Driveway Paving

Looking to have a driveway paving project done? Well, look no further than the most experienced driveway pavers Orlando has to offer!


What Are Pavers?

Pavers are, in simple terms, the bricks used for horizontal flatwork paving. Unlike bricks used in construction work, pavers and paving are focused more on natural appearance and visual appeal as well as durability. They are not used in construction work focused on the vertical buildup. Pavers and paving are, rather, used in the construction and install walkways, outdoor flooring, and other such horizontal flatwork.

There are, as such, many different paving types and paver options available for customers to choose from. While some might be more suited for some jobs than others, here are the 3 most commonly used paving types. If you have any questions, inquiries or need a second opinion, please contact us. Our experts are always willing and able to help anyone in all their paving needs!

orlando pavers
orlando pavers
orlando pavers
orlando pavers

Types of Orlando Pavers

Natural Stone

Durable, beautiful and versatile. Natural stones are the best option for all your paving needs. Cut straight from the Earth and coming in a variety of types and sizes – granite, bluestone, limestone, etc.- they are well worth their price. Used in poolside pavings, walkways and sometimes even driveways, they also come in both tumbled and non-tumbled varients. Often in high demand, they can be a bit tricky to get due to their nature and limited supply at a given time. This is due to their natural appearance being a big draw for installers and their superior durability compared to other materials. The premium paving for all Orlando pavers installation projects.


Concrete Pavings

Cheap, strong, versatile and beautiful. Since its inception, concrete pavings have dominated the market for their cost-effective nature and ease of use. While they aren’t perfect, they are beloved by many brick pavers Orlando for their sheer variety of use and color. Seen in gardens, walkways, driveways, and poolside pavings, Pavers Orlando has done many a project with this material and can attest to its viability. It comes in both tumbled and non-tumbled varients and in many shapes and sizes. Contact us for any concrete paving inquiries and installation projects and we guarantee you’ll have the best concrete pavers Orlando has to offer!


Clay Pavers

With its often monochromatic look, rustic color scheme and aged appearance, clay pavers and pavings aren’t as popular as its contemporaries. For those looking for a long lasting and vintage look, however, clay pavers are their best bet for affordable and reliable results. Used in walkways, driveways and sometimes poolside, clay pavers are a viable option for anyone interested in their use.

    Which Services Can We Help You With?

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    6 Basic Pointers To Consider When

    Planning Your Hardscape Features:

    Driveway paving

    Do you have space allocation for guest parking? Does water drain across your driveway?

    Walkway paving

    Is your walkway wide enough and safe?

    Patios and Deck paving

    Do you want a dynamic shape design? When do patterns become too “busy”?

    Drainage Mitigation

    Another highlight is a comprehensive drainage mitigation to avoid flooding. This is a common mistake when trying to do a “do-it-yourself” hardscape.

    Pool paving

    What materials to use for textured or non-slip pavement options?

    Water Features

    What are your winter considerations when it comes to water feature element in your landscape? Is the setup “winter proof?”

    Price Considerations And Uses

    Starting from the most costly to the most affordable, here are the best and most used options for any paving job you might have. Consider carefully, as each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, and while we do offer our recommendations based on the job, here are a few rough things to consider when choosing a material:

    • Cost
    • Durability
    • Ease of use
    • Maintenance

    Natural Stone Paving

    The all-around best choice is often the most costly. Natural stone paving and pavers are strong, reliable, resistant to wear and weathering, visually appealing and require little maintenance. It is also the most versatile option available, making it usable in almost any project. It is also the most costly, costing nearly twice as much as concrete paving. As any brick pavers Orlando FL should know, however, it is that you are paying for quality. They are harder to install than other options, but we are experienced pavers, so it is no issue when working with Pavers Orlando!

    Clay Paving

    Antique, often monochromatic and aged in appearance, clay paving is an oldie but a goodie. Coming in many shades of red, clay pavings can bring an older feel to a modern home. From sharper non-tumbled options to its tumbled counterpart, it is cheaper than natural stone paving but with its own ups and downs.

    One of these ups is its reaction to nature and weathering. Unlike other paving choices, natural wear on clay pavings can be a good thing. Bringing out an antique and timeless feel, clay paving can work wonderfully with homes looking for an older, more vintage visual and atmospheric feel.

    Concrete Paving

    Popular since its introduction, the concrete paving is sturdy, appealing to look at, strong and cheap. Coming in a wide variety of color, style, and size, it is easily the most versatile and popular option available. From walkways, driveways, and poolsides, always consider concrete paving when considering a paving project.

    Nothing is perfect, however. Unlike natural stone, concrete pavings color and vibrancy fades with time. The elements may also wear away the concrete over time. Luckily, however, Pavers Orlando is here to service and help in all your paving needs. The best concrete pavers Orlando has to offer, we can replace or fix any issues in a jiffy!


    Which Services Can We Help You With?

    Leave Your Contact Details and We Will Call You Back to Arrange A FREE Consultation on Site

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